Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another year!

I, the queen of procrastination has finally decided to start her blog. I have been saying that I would do a blog for nearly a year now and decided that today is the day; 44 mins after my birthday officially ended I am up typing my first post.

Had a great low-key birthday. The hubby and I kept it simple; no work, Cream of Wheat for breakfast (because it's awesome!!), Red Robin for a late lunch, and time together. He got me Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom (so good!), and a Porter Cable cordless detail sander two opposite sides of the spectrum, but I love both gifts. I will be sanding and painting furniture this weekend!

Till next time... 

Porter Cable: cordless detail sander
Bath and Body Works: Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Yummy Breakfast: Cream of Wheat (cinnamon & sugar, and craisins)

Strawberry Lemonade @ Red Robin

Free Birthday sundaes @ Red Robin

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