Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break...?

For someone who works full time and is also taking four classes (some that had assignments due during the week) there certainly is no such thing as Spring Break. Even when I was younger and went to college the first time, I never had a true Spring Break; I have always worked multiple jobs and never had the time or collateral to go out of town or anything like that. However, my husband and I did get some things done during this past week of spring break.

Home Improvement:
We painted the living room, breakfast nook, and kitchen a cheerful yellow; Sherwin Williams “Daffodil”. We hung some artwork on the walls… okay, okay, so the truth is too much manual labor makes my eye twitch. I honestly just supervised and showed him where I wanted some carved art and masks to be hung on the beautiful yellow walls. I also did some minor decorating, in the entryway to liven the area up a bit. We also (“we” being him and a friend NOT me; that manual labor thing again) installed laminate (faux wood) flooring throughout the house; everywhere except tiled areas and bedrooms. The house is starting to look extremely nice, adding new floors and paint certainly does make a huge difference! 

Everyday Stuff:
I went to work, did assignments, worked out, took the dog to the groomer, blah blah blah; everyday stuff really isn’t exciting enough to write about and I am sure those of you reading this truly do not care (however, do feel free to act like you care about the monotonous nature of my everyday life)! All in all, Spring Break was pretty uneventful, but productive none the less, the most important thing is my husband, and I were together and we had a fantastic time working together to improve our home. Yay, Spring Break…?



Living Room Walls
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