Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Craigslist Finds

This past week I got two chairs from sellers on Craigslist.

Chair #1: was an old Wing back chair that is structurally sound with normal fading fabric, cost $30; this chair will be my first big re-upholstery project.

Chair #2: started out costing $25 and was said to be in perfect condition, then the seller discovered there was a tear in the canning on the back of the chair that took the price down to $15, after I met with the seller she told me that God told her to gift me with the chair; so, I got it for free. She was a sweet generous older woman with a nice heart. I appreciated the gesture; and free is within my budget!

Guru inspecting the Wingback chair

Now to get the tools and find the right fabric

My FREE chair!

Satin black Krylon spray paint, black & white floral print for the cushion.
I have to figure out how to fix the tear in the canning.

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